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There are many reasons why people find boiling their menstrual cups and discs time consuming and inconvenient. The Poppins Period Sterilizing Steamer Bag is a QUICK and convenient way to keep your menstrual cup so fresh and so clean.

We recommend steaming your cup or disc in one of our Sterilizing Steamer Bags at the end of each period, before storing, so your cup is ready to go for your next cycle. Good cup hygiene is key to a safe menstrual cup or disc use.

  • Steam sterilizes faster and more effectively than your pasta pot as steam reaches a higher temperature than boiling water
  • Easy to use, no washing pots and finangling whisks
  • Kills up to 99.9% of common bacteria
  • Easy slide tab for opening and closing
  • 30 uses per bag
  • Stores flat

Have a microwave? Let’s go!

(Remove any metal racks and DO NOT use a toaster oven)

  • Rinse off your cup or disc, preferably with a silicone friendly wash, like our Foaming Cleanser
  • Add ¼ cup (60 mL) of water to the steamer bag
  • Tip: Use your cup as a measuring cup! Fill two to three (three if using teen teen) cupfuls to the brim
  • Be sure to fill to the brim! It’s better to have too much water than not enough
  • Do not exceed ½ cup (120mL)
  • Place your cup or disc in the steamer bag and zip bag shut
  • Place it upright in the microwave (see chart on bag for times)
  • When removing be sure to grasp the area labeled SAFE ZONE 
  • Wait 10 minutes before opening and handling the cup
  • Pour out remaining water
  • Allow your menstrual cup or disc to air dry completely before storing. 
  • Mark the front of the bag to keep track of usage. Each bag can be used up to 30x! 
  • Replace sooner if there’s any sign of warping or wear and tear.
  • This product may cause burns and should not be used by children. 

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