Help! My Menstrual Cup is Stuck - Here’s Our Top Tricks on How to Remove It!

Jun 11, 2024

Help! My Menstrual Cup is Stuck - Here’s Our Top Tricks on How to Remove It!

*Goes to Reddit*: "help! my cup is lost"

Reddit: Here are five more people also wondering how to get their menstrual cup out...

Us: Here are some actual tips that work with just about every menstrual cup! So even if you don't have a Poppins Period Cup, let's get that cup outta there!

First and foremost, TRICK #1 - BREATHE and BELIEVE! If your menstrual cup is "lost" or "stuck," remember, this is temporary, it can't actually get lost, and we are going to get through this together.

I don't mean to be dismissive, but if you are nervous and freaked out, your body will be tense and it's not going to let anything in or out. Some deep relaxing breaths and affirming language can go a long way! "I can do this." "Millions of menstrual cups are removed every day, so will mine." "I've got this." 

Now that you've taken some deep breaths and are relaxed and feeling confident, it's time to take action. If you've already tried one of the following tricks, try it again in your relaxed state, you might be surprised!

Removing Your Menstrual Cup TRICK #2 - Get Those Knees Up! Sit over the toilet (keep up those relaxing breaths!) and use a stool or squatty potty. The key is to get your knees higher than your hips. This will relax and open your pelvis in a way that will assist in removal. Reach to find the stem and pull it just enough to get the base. The cup will slide out easier when you’ve got a hold of the base because pinching the base helps to release suction, while the stem does not. However if you can only get to the stem, pull it until the base is in reach.

Removing Your Menstrual Cup TRICK #3 - Bear Down! This can go hand in hand with #2. Bearing down as if you are having a bowel movement can help push the cup further down within reach. Don’t strain yourself though! If you are straining to push, let’s move on to a new trick, because like insertion, removal should've be painful.

Removing Your Menstrual Cup TRICK #4 - Take It to a Squat If you weren’t able to get your knees up, we're going to take the pelvis down. The shower is a great place because any drips or drops can be rinsed right down the drain. When you squat, take deep breaths. This deep squat is great because it shortens the vaginal canal and brings everything lower. How this working? Yes?! Still no? Let's move on.

Removing Your Menstrual Cup TRICK #5 - Try a Different Hand Most people usually use their go-to hand, but you might find your other hand has better reach, and your body might be more flexible bending in a new direction allowing for further reach. This sounds odd, but can be super helpful! Did it work for you?

Removing Your Menstrual Cup TRICK #6 - Stem? Base? Bowl? If you can reach but are having a hard time getting a good grip, try to reach an index finger up the side of the cup, hook it over the rim, and pull down. Be ready to catch the cup before it slides out so you don’t end up with a cup in the toilet!

Removing Your Menstrual Cup TRICK #7 - Try Again Later This might not sound helpful, but seriously, we get messages from people in a panic, and by the time we respond, they’ve often tried again and successfully removed the cup. Sometimes a little break is all you need.

Worst Case Scenario: If you’ve tried everything—sitting, squatting, standing, laying down, even having a partner help—and you still can’t remove your cup, there’s no shame in visiting an urgent care clinic. You’re not the first and won’t be the last. You might have a very high cervix and could benefit from a longer menstrual cup which will be easier to reach. While you should empty and rinse your menstrual cup every 12 hours, if it’s been longer, don’t immediately panic. Prioritize removing it as promptly as possible. Although TSS is serious, and you should aim for every 12 hours to be safe, staying calm and following these steps can make a big difference.

We truly hope these tips help! We’ve been helping people troubleshoot menstrual cup insertion and removal for years and are happy to continue doing so! If you are looking for a longer menstrual cup, the Poppins Period Cup ranges on the longer side. That and the only menstrual cup on the market with WavyGrips and a PincherBulb help it remove more easily and effortlessly than other cups available. 

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