how did we end up in the period business?

I’m Courtney, I’m Lexie, and we are sisters and the creators of the Poppins Period Cup!

We have felt both the physical and financial burdens of periods.

Lexie was diagnosed with  dysmenorrhea, aka "painful periods." SHE GETS IT!

Courtney remembers spending her babysitting money buying her own pads and tampons so she didn’t burden the large family during a time when he dad was sick and funds were tight to say the least.

The recurring expense EVERY month, the waste, overfilling waste baskets, the annoyance of running out of pads and tampons when your sisters start snatching your stash....the inconvenience of stepping out of class, work meetings, CONCERTS to change a tampon, the list goes oooon, and we have been there! Periods were miserable!

These are just some of the reasons we are so passionate about periods now, because we know THEY CAN BE SO MUCH BETTER!


When we first heard about “menstrual cups” over a decade ago, we were hesitant to say the least. It had been so ingrained in us that periods were “gross”, and so the thought of being that up close and personal with them was scary. It wasn’t long after we tried them before we fell in love, and then quickly, we wanted to SPREAD THE LOVE!!! They changed our freaking lives!!!

In 2019, after a couple of years selling a generic menstrual cup, we took the feedback of thousands of women and we launched a Kickstarter, to design an even better menstrual cup! We funded on day one! And went on to fund over 300% of our goal.

Our first in house designed menstrual cup, the Bloody Buddy Cup, was born into the most supportive community of Kickstarter backers.

Since then, tens of thousands of our cups have been sold all over the world. And the reviews speak for themselves!  

We’re on a mission to give you a better period! Through positive period products, and fun approachable education, we are just getting started!


Courtney & Lexie