Tips For Using A Bloody Buddy Cup For The First Time!

Sep 22, 2020

Tips For Using A Bloody Buddy Cup For The First Time!

Okay! So you heard about Bloody Buddy Cups, got curious, did some research, picked a size, purchased your very own pack and now you're ready to give them a try? Yay! You've come to the right place!

Prep That Buddy

Before you do anything else, make sure your cup is squeaky clean for its maiden voyage. Steam or boil it then let it cool so it's ready to be folded and inserted.

Pick Your Cup Fold

There are so many ways to fold a Bloody Buddy Cup! The four shown here are the most common, simple folds. If you don't love the first one you try, try another! You'll know a fold is a good option for you if:

  • it's easy for you to fold the cup into that shape
  • you can hold the fold comfortably until you insert your cup
  • it makes the cup the right size for you to insert
  • it opens easily after insertion 

Location Location Location

Now it's time to think about where you want to be when you put your cup in. Once again, there are tons of options! You can try: 

  • sitting in the shower on a stool/bench/side of the tub
  • squatting in the shower/bathroom
  • sitting on the toilet with wide knees
  • standing with a foot up on the tub/bench/stool/toilet
  • sitting on the toilet with your feet up on a *Squatty Potty

and so many more! You may end up trying a few different positions until you find your fave. A lot of people are used to popping tampons in or changing pads on the toilet so putting a cup in on the toilet is very common and tends to be pretty easy. The shower is also a super popular option but wherever YOU feel the most comfy is perfect.

Reminder: Putting your cup in should be pain free and fairly simple. If it's stressing you out or painful in ANY way, STOP! Try again another time when you're feeling up for it 


With clean hands, a clean cup and a few fold and insertion positions in mind, you're ready to practice putting your Bloody Buddy in! Here are a few more tips to make your first time a breeze:

  • RELAX! Relaxing will help everything open up and go smoothly.
  • Getting your cup wet before insertion helps (some people even use water based lube).
  • Practice before your period shows up so there's less stress.
  • Use a back up pad or liner during your first cup period.
  • Try it out on a day you're not really planning to go anywhere.
  • Remember your cup absolutely can't get lost! Vaginas are only a few inches deep and end at the cervix.
  • Check out our pages on insertion and removal.
  • Check out our Instagram or TikTok for toooons of tips and tricks!

You Got This!

Practice makes progress and before you know it you'll be a Bloody Buddy Cup pro ready to tell the world about PERIOD FREEDOM! 

*Heads up! This is an affiliate link. Do YOU Squatty?