Listen up! Don’t stress when selecting a size, you can take our quiz above, or check out our quick reference below.  We also have an in depth sizing guide here. You may find you’re on the cusp, and are unsure what size to choose. For this, we offer mixed size packs to help remove the guesswork.


  • Age: Our general rule of thumbs is, if you are over 30, a large cup will be your best fit. If you are 18 and under, the teen cup will be the best fit. Somewhere in between? Go for the small.
  • Cervix Height: One of the quickest ways to determine if a menstrual cup is a good fit for you is comparing your cervix height. Our menstrual cups lean toward the longer side, so if you know you have a very low cervix, take that into consideration. On the other hand, if you know you have a high cervix, and you’ve had trouble reaching other cups for removal, our length will give you a great sense of security! Not sure about your cervix height? See our in depth sizing guide here.
  • Pregnancy/Birth: In general, if you’ve carried a pregnancy to term, whether you birthed vaginally or via c-section, we would recommend a large. We would highly recommend seeing a pelvic floor therapist if you are having issues with sliding cups.