Leaks may happen while you’re learning. Using a liner or period underwear as backup keeps things low stress.Testing out your disc before your period starts can also help make it an easier transition. If you leak during your first cycle, don't be discouraged! Be sure to re-tuck the disc behind the pubic bone after each time you use the restroom!

If you didn’t experience any leaks during your first cycle, voila! You’ve got it! 

Some leaking on your second cycle is not a problem, keep practicing! Nobody got better at using their disc by leaving it on the shelf. Be sure you've watched the videos and read through the learning hub so you can be confident! There’s no shame in using backup a little bit longer!

Things are probably getting a lot easier now! Insertion and removal should be going smoothly, you've got your bathroom routine down and you’re starting to tell all of your friends how amazing this disc is! ;) Are you feeling confident enough to ditch the liner and put on white pants? Or are you looking for a little more support? Reach out!

Any time you feel like you need extra help, reach out! Let’s chat! We have real humans ready to support you.