ready to remove?

Disc removal is less technical than insertion. If you are ready to remove, that means you've already done the hardest part! Bravo! You've got this!

to remove your disc:
As always, start with clean hands!
Sit down (usually over a toilet), to shorten the vaginal canal. Pro tip: you can also squat in the shower, which is especially helpful if you have any difficulty reaching the disc.
Simply reach with your finger and hook the removal band (almost like you are motioning "come here" with your finger) and use it to slowly pull the cup downward and forward towards the vaginal opening. As it is removed the contents can dump into the toilet or go down the drain. You can also switch to holding the sides with your index and thumb when it's half way in, half way out.
Once you've emptied into the toilet or down the drain, you can rinse and reinsert! Or sterilize and store :)
Removal is less technical than insertion, however, if you have any difficulties, feel free to reach out for further support!
Practice makes progress! It usually takes a few cycles to get it just right. Wearing a pair of period underwear (or a back up pad or liner) while you’re learning will make it an even easier switch.