to take your cup out:
Wash your hands.
Sit down (usually over a toilet) to shorten the vaginal canal. (pro tip: you can also squat in the shower, which is especially helpful if you have any difficulty reaching the cup.)
Bear down gently so your cup shifts lower. You can use the stem to gently wiggle the cup downwards if you can’t yet pinch the wavy grips at the base. (Don’t use the stem to pull the cup out, you’ll want to use the base for that!)
Lastly, using your pointer finger and thumb to grasp the base of the cup. Pinch at the top of the grips to break any seal/suction with the cup and pull gently downward.
Empty right into the toilet or down the shower drain, rinse and reinsert.
Practice makes progress! It usually takes a few cycles to get it just right. Wearing a pair of period underwear (or a back up pad or liner) while you’re learning will make it an even easier switch.