Bloody Buddy Cup Sizing

Sep 18, 2020

Bloody Buddy Cup Sizing

It's time to talk about cup sizing! We know trying to think about age, cervix height, how heavy or light your flow is and what kind of action your vagina has or hasn't seen can make choosing a size feel overwhelming. Today we're gonna give you all the info you need to be able to pick a Bloody Buddy Cup size with confidence!







What's Age Got To Do With It

There's no magic spell that automatically changes your vagina on the morning of your 18th or 30th birthdays so why do a lot of menstrual cup sizing guidelines mention age? Because naturally as we age our hips widen and our pelvic floor muscles lose some of the tone they had when we were younger. A cup that fit snugly and stayed in place as a teen or in your twenties often won't be such a great fit in your 30s (and beyond!) or after you've given birth. 

Age can also be something to think about when it comes to insertion and removal. All of our cups fold up compactly to make using them as simple as possible but for teens and younger cup users, our smallest size will be the easiest to put in and take out. Also, there's no age requirement for using a cup but being fairly comfortable with your body and having a basic understanding of how your period works is very helpful! 

Let it Flow

Were you a tampon user before switching to a cup? Ok great! So think of it this way: Our Large cup holds 25 mL, that's five times as much as a regular absorbency tampon and twice as much as a super plus tampon. If you know how many tampons you were going through (and what size you were comfortable inserting) day to day on your period, that will give you a pretty good idea of what Bloody Buddy Cup size will best accommodate your flow. 

Pro tip! If you're new to cups and not sure how often you need to empty your Bloody Buddy, try emptying it every few hours the first couple of days you use it. Make a mental note of how full your cup is each time, you might notice your period isn't as heavy as you thought it was! 

At Your Cervix

Bloody Buddy Cups are meant to be completely internal so where your cervix is located will make a difference in where your cup sits. If you think you have a low cervix, finding out exactly where it is is a good idea.

Inserting a clean finger into your vagina during your period and feeling for your cervix (it's the smooth, raised spot at the end of your vagina that will feel like the tip of your nose when pressed) is a great way to learn where yours is. To get the most exact cervix height measurement, measure the length of finger you needed to insert until you were able to reach your cervix.

If you have a high cervix (you had to insert your entire finger before feeling it or you weren't able to reach it at all), you won't need to trim the stem of your Bloody Buddy Cup. If you have cervix that's a little lower, you might need to trim the stem to make your cup as comfy as possible. 

Don't Stress!

In the end, we're all unique! Don't get too stressed about sizing. If you're worried at all about ending up with the wrong Bloody Buddy Cup size, we've got you covered with our mixed packs. Go with the two sizes you're trying to decide between and you'll be set!