Mold/Mildew Resistant Stone Drying Place

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There are lots of reasons why someone might leave their cup or disc out, but it’s not quite time to sanitize and store yet either. 

We found most people were leaving their cups and discs out on their bathroom counters where mold and bacteria can thrive. Yikes!!! We found a safer solution! Instead of leaving your cup in a puddle of water on the counter, The Drying Place is a natural stone that gives your menstrual cups or discs a clean place to rest, where moisture is absorbed like MAGIC! The natural stone eliminates an environment where bacteria can thrive.

The Drying Place is made of sand that comes from fossilized algae and its properties are freaking awesome!

Moisture can be a breeding ground for bacteria, however on the Drying Place, the water quickly evaporates right before your eyes! Like magic! When bacteria comes in contact with the surface, the moisture is absorbed almost instantly by the stone, and dries them out quickly so they die. 



How to Use With Your Cup/Disc:

  • Rinse your cup or disc completely clean before placing it on the Drying Place. (Tip: Use Poppins Period Foaming Cleanser to get your cup squeaky clean and extra fresh during your period!)
  • Quick shake over the sink to remove excess water
  • Place on the Drying Place, open side down, and be on your way, the Drying Place will take care of the rest.


  • If your drying place gets overly saturated, lean it upright, against the wall, to allow airflow until it’s completely dry.
  • We recommended rinsing your cup with our Foaming Cleanser before placing it on the drying place. Do not place soiled cups on the Drying Place.
  • The drying place is super absorbent, but you don’t want to overwhelm it, don’t submerge it in water, or store it in the shower. 

Customer Reviews

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Melanie Hall
Other uses

I bought this initially for its intended use - A drying place for my cup. Then during the rest of the month I found that it’s the perfect place to leave my contact lens case to dry! I need to buy a second one so my cup has somewhere to go as she’s lost her throne.

Mandy Foreman
Perfect spot

I love my drying spot. It gave me a clean safe place to put my cup. My cup dried quickly and fully every time.

Rebecca L.
Love this little dish!

This stone does exactly as it's supposed to and is the perfect drying place for your bb cup, but also great to hold dish/hand soap! I bought several to use around the house, and they really are a reasonable price for what you get. Thank you for developing these and keeping the price reasonable so they are more accessible!

Highly recommend!

Perfect place to dry my cup! Previously I would dry on a piece of toilet or facial tissues, and I love that the drying place is less messy and more sustainable.

Cute and practical

Have loved my drying place since I got it. It’s practical and wicks moisture away quickly. When not in use it’s cute enough to leave on the counter which I love!


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